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Hismala January 16, 2010
Hismala November 11, 2009

Great & consistent length.

2011 - luster, length, lingering fineness.

2010 - Bundles, crimp, density, & 100 ML length.

Fiber / Scientific Data

2015AFD=30.7 SD=5.5 CV=17.9
2012AFD=29.2 SD=5.7 CV=19.5
2011AFD=25.3 SD=5 CV=19.7
2010AFD=20 SD=4.6 CV=23.2

AFD=20 SD=4.6, Grand River Amstel son.

MAMGB Hismala [His'-Mah-Lah] "Fuzzy"PromotionTrade

ARI# 31756440   D.O.B. 6/1/2009  (8 yrs)

Huacaya, Male, Unproven | Medium Brown

Sire: Grand River Amstel  | ARI# 849320  | True Black 
Dam: Katie Sue | ARI# 814415  | Medium Brown 


$350 Herdsire - Judge's Choice
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Hismala means Fuzzy in Lakota. His name reflects our first impression of his fleece. His fleece is the fuzzy type that maintains that soft handle. His fleece is uniform carrying architecture to his toes, along with fineness of handle, with extra density, and a nice crimp.

He is a solid strong young fellow and is developing into a full framed large boned Huacaya. His half sisters are both show winners and our evaluation of Hismala is that he will also ribbon. He has one of the kindest personalities we have ever seen and enjoys human and alpaca company and contact including patted on the top of the head.

When he enters the show ring he immediately takes a very proud posture and prances the entire time in the ring. Polly Michaelis stated, "This is the total package! This was present as he walked in very alertly, has bright very even well organized across the entire fleece, beautiful top line with very good bone."

Georgia Meyer of Silver Creek Alpaca sorted and graded Hismala's fleece to WL-6. She placed him 4 of 10 in brightness, 5 of 10 in uniformity of crimp, 8 criimp / inch, medium amplitude, and a density of 7 of 10. He was classed a dark rose grey.

Recently we have observed teeth extending beyond the pallet but is not related to jaw alignment. That was checked.


2010 Spring Bling Class II Halter Dark Brown Juvenile Males - Jill MacLeod stated "Fineness with density but needs more uniformity in his architecture."
2010 Minnesota Alpaca Show Dark Brown Juvenile Male - Amanda Vandenbosch stated "His architechture is not as strong or uniform, yet he is a well proportioned male with finer fleece and solid density for finer fleece."
2010 Great Midwest Alpaca Festival Class IV Halter Dark Brown Juvenile - Sharon Loner stated "The entire class is conformationally correct but I really liked this male for his sound build and conformation. He possesses a lot of fleece being slightly more dense than the first place male but I felt he did not feel as lotionally as the first place male even though he appears to have a finer fleece."
2010 National Fleece Show - Sara Jane Maclennan comments "Great staple length and soft handling fleece!" - Received 7 of 7 on length
2010 Estas Park Wool and Fleece Show - Judges comment, "Excellent staple length for the growth period and nice handle!"
2011 Spring Bling - Amanda VandenBosch stated, "He has a well organized fleece well down into his extremities, and packs a lot of fleece on strong frame. He was placed in third due to his overall handle. I would like a softer feel."
2011 Minnesota Alpaca Expo - Peter Kennedy stated, "I found his fleece to be very fine and dense consistent throughout and is what placed him in second. He has some maturing yet to do and we can see this in his frame however he is well conformed."
2011 Great Midwest - Polly Michaelis stated, "He is the total package! This was evident as he walked in very alert. I found a bright, very even, and well organized fleece across the entire body. He has a beautiful top line with very good bone."
[8th] 2011 AOBA Naional - Denver - he lacked crimp, character, and weight when compared with the rest of the class. Now that says a lot about his conformation doesn't it?
2012 Spring Bling - Brown 2 Year and Older Male - Jude Anderson
"He has excellent coverage with very soft hand and density. He is nicely built, well proportioned and developed with good muscles well suited for the task of breeding. He is a very pleasing looking male."
2012 Wisconsin Spin IN - Sally Thompson judged the fleece to be good but affected by chaff, good breed type, good consistent length and uniformity. strong throughout, and outstanding handle throughout the fleece. She did note that there was a penny in the bag with the fleece. We are not certain if that was part of the chaff or if Hismala produces copper pennies as part of his fleece growth.
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