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March 3- 2009
Dusty's Fiber at 1 year old

Dusty Rogue March 7, 2010

Dusty camouflaged in cria tips

Dusty at one month

Fiber / Scientific Data

2012AFD=26.1 SD=5.4 CV=20.5
2011AFD=25.37 SD=5.46 CV=21.53
2010AFD=25.1 SD=5.65 CV=22.5
2009AFD=22.14 SD=5.56 CV=25.13

AFD=25 SD=5.5 bright-2nd shearing!

MAMGB Dusty RogueTrade

ARI# 31361217   D.O.B. 5/30/2008  (9 yrs)

Huacaya, Male, Unproven | True Black

Sire: Dark Shaddow | ARI# 801657  | True Black |
Dam: Gloria | ARI# 1303339  | True Black 

When we stoke his back it feels like we are running our hands over silk. His name arose because of his mother's habit of rolling in the dirt continually. This has resulted in a very dusty but beautiful fleece. Why the Rogue? Because he is a true black with exceptional fleece - WHEN ITS NOT DUSTY! What we have observed and his histograms bear this out, is the consistency of his fleece year after year. The tendency in this line is to level off around 25 micron and retain this for life. The SD of 5.5 will remain for life.

He carries the Dark Shaddow stature coupled with the fineness and fleece character of Knighthawk of KPR and The Kings Ransom from Gloria's line. The color glistens as the rich sheen of wet fleece. This is a spinners luxury!

We really appreciate his disposition and is a pleasure to work with. When we go to trim his toenails he lifts his foot with our hand and stands on three legs calmly until we are complete.

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